Summer is here and with those warm balmy nights comes the invasion of the Summer nuisance. The mosquito!

Not only does the mosquito’s incessant buzzing interfere with a good night’s sleep; but their bite leaves an itchy, irritating welt long after these little blood suckers have had their fill.

Babies in particular are more vulnerable to these pests, as they do not have the satisfaction of scratching an itchy bite, which can leave Baby irritable and niggly.

A mosquito net over Baby’s cot is a sure way to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay, and will ensure your precious Prince or Princess enjoys a peaceful night’s sleep


Our themed mosquito nets compliment all of our adorable themed baby linen (or opt for a custom-made net*)… the perfect compliment to your baby’s nursery: offering both a charming, aesthetic appeal and keeping Baby safe from biting menaces that go buzz in the night.

At R799 a themed mosquito net is a must have for Summer.

Sweet dreams :-)

(*Custom made nets may be priced differently depending on the design)