Hi Moms

I thought I'd share this fabulous info with you all.

Although I was fortunate not to have colicky babies - all 4 of them! - I know that these techniques would have been just the thing for my youngest (Gabby), who was one of those cranky, restless babies.

"Colic" - the word is just about enough to make every mom "aah" with either personal experience, or sympathy for friends who have suffered alongside their babies during those early evening and night-time episodes of inconsolable crying. And what causes it is still somewhat of a mystery. Doctors have it at a guess that it is related to winds possibly caused by an immature digestive tract.

But whatever the cause, there is one vitally important factor that is paramount to how you and Baby cope during these times of distress: Your health and your calm.
You cannot console your colicky Baby if you aren't relaxed. If you need time away form Baby for a little while - take it. Those few minutes or hours to take time to see to your own needs (a good meal, a nice nap, a long relaxed bath) are paramount to your ability to cope with the stress of a baby whose non-stop  crying will take its toll on anyone.
And know this: You are NOT the cause of your Baby's crying.

When Baby starts getting cranky (and this applies to any form of distress, not only colic), keep Baby close to you. Your Baby spent 9 months cocooned in the warmth of your body, hearing the beating of  your heart and the lull of your voice - and these are the things that he/she will need when tiredness,  illness or discomfort step in and create distress. Swaddling Baby in a tightly wrapped blanket can also help him/her feel safe and calm (remember to use a breathable, light weight receiver for this, as over- heating can also cause discomfort).

And if all else fails, then I strongly recommend the following massage techniques - to soothe Baby and calm his/her digestive tract.
The best time to do these is whilst Baby is relaxed, and not in the middle of a crying spell.

Adapted from Acupoint and Trigger Point Therapy for Babies and Children by Donna Finando,
L.Ac., L.M.T. (Healing Arts Press, 2008).

1. Start by gently stroking your baby’s forehead from the midpoint of the eyebrows up toward the hairline.

2. Press very lightly on the point that lies between the eyebrows.

3. Stroke around the ears starting at the temples and working around to the back of the head.

4. Gently massage the midline of the body from the breastbone down through the stomach and into the abdomen.
Do this several times, using slow, gentle movements.

5. Gently massage the upper stomach, beginning just underneath the breastbone and ending just below the belly button.

6. Massage the muscle on both sides of the belly button, working toward the lower belly.
    You might find that there are tiny areas of tight muscle in that region.

7. With the baby’s hand turned palm up, massage the pinky and pinky side of the palm of the hand and the side of the upper wrist.

8. With the baby’s hand turned palm up, massage the area 1 inch or so above the wrist fold in the center of the arm.

9. With the baby’s hand turned palm down, massage the area 1 inch or so above the wrist fold in the center of the lower arm.

10. Gently massage the web between the thumb and the index finger.

11. Massage a couple of inches below the knee on the outside of the lower leg.

12. Gently massage the space between the long bones connecting the first and second toes to
      the foot.

13. Gently massage between the second and third toes and the long bones that connect the toes
     to the foot.

14. Gently massage the baby’s back in a downward direction on both sides of the spine, from just below the shoulder blades to the sacrum, the flat bone at the bottom of the spine.

Massage has been used for centuries to induce soothing, calming and healing. The Human touch
has a very powerful effect when used in this way, and I have no doubt you and Baby will benefit from
these techniques.

I'd love to hear back from you, so please drop me a line and let me know how it's going - and if
you've bought the book, then share your wins with me too - I'll post your comments so that other
Moms can benefit from your positive experiences.

Best of luck and love to you and Baby.