As endearing as the traditional pastel colours are for a baby nursery, bright and bold is fun and is sure to see Baby's room through to toddler years and even beyond.
Using green on large areas like walls is the perfect palette to create a bright and uplifting nursery for both a boy and a girl.

Chartreuse is a lovely shade of green that speaks of fresh meadows and sunny days, and will be beautifully complimented with any of the hues in the warmer spectrums (orange, red, yellow) for a nursery that requires a bit of "warmth" (South facing rooms or rooms that do not get a lot of natural light).

Blend the cooler hues (blues and greens) to create serenity and a cool feel to a nursery that gets a lot of natural light and is warm (North facing).

With your palette colour and secondary colour schemes decided, you can now start introducing other elements to bring your nursery to life.

Cot linen is not only a focal point in your nursery, but must be practical too, as this will be where your baby spends most of his sleeping time.

It is advisable to have at least 2 sets of cot linen - one in the wash, one in the cot.

Here you can play with design and implement a theme that will then be carried throughout in your decor accessories and wall art.

Now days there are so many different cot linen themes to choose from, it is really just a matter of personal choice and preference.

Have fun with your nursery and experiment with paint colours on your walls before making the final decision.

Keep lighting soft and warm, and introduce decor that will be not just pleasing to the eye but stimulating for Baby as he begins to explore his new environment with his eyes.

Window dressing should be practical and decorative and opting for block out lining is a good idea as it is functional in that it helps keep the warmth in the cold out, as well as offering enough darkness in the room for those day time naps when baby is a little excitable from the day's events.