Feeding time is a special moment where Mom gets to provide Baby with one of his fundamental needs: nutrition.
It is also a time to cuddle Baby close and to lovingly admire all those little things that make that little human being so special: the curl of the toes, the crinkle of a tiny nose, tiny hands and feet so perfectly proportioned... this is real bonding time!

New Moms are told that having a comfortable chair to sit in while feeding is important to ensure feeding time is a relaxed and soothing activity that both Mommy and Baby will enjoy and benefit from.

There are many chairs that can be adapted as a suitable feeding chair; some rather costly, and others quite affordable.
Whatever your choice, see your feeding chair as an investment that will be utilised not just for Baby number One but for many more years to come. A dual purpose piece of furniture that will suit both the nursery and the home, where it can be moved to a TV room or lounge once it's primary function is complete.

The Rocker Glider chair is just such a chair. 
 With its 3 adjustable reclining positions, matching gliding Ottoman, solid wood construction and durable, fully washable cushions; it is a sure winner!

This fabulous piece is available in Mahogany, Maple and White. And you have the option of Cream, Coffee or Pink cushions. So once it has done its time in the Nursery it can be easily coordinated in a family room.
Rocking is comforting for Baby, and helps Mom to relax too - especially if Baby is a little cranky :-)
With the Ottoman at the perfect height to ensure Mom's legs are elevated just right, feeding time becomes a time of special bonding and relaxation.

For more information on the Rocker Glider's special features, go to  http://rock-a-bye-nursery.co.za/rocker-glider.php 

Happy Bonding!