Spring is such a special time for me :-)
It is as though the world is waking from a long hibernation and shedding it's drab coat.

It's a season of new beginnings, sunshine, blossoms and grassy meadows.
Your Spring nursery can represent all these wonderful fresh elements too.

My favourite colour for walls is green - soft, fresh and reminiscent of rolling hills and dewy knowles.
Add to this backdrop two or three frolicking little lamb murals, or some budding branches of a painted tree in one corner, and you have the basis for the perfect Spring nursery.

Wall murals for a nursery are a great way to create visual stimulation for Baby, while bringing a wonderfully whimsical element into the space.
And what better way to bring your favourite fairy tale characters to life! :-)

Wall murals are also a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in - creating a gorgeous garden setting that can be decorated around.
With your favourite fairytale mural splashed across the walls of your nursery, like the Peter Rabbit theme above, decor can be kept to a minimum, and linen is best suited in plains rather than themed, as this could become too busy.

And if wall murals are not your thing, then you can opt for two or three good sized painted canvasses (45cmx45cm at least) hung side by side depicting your favourite characters from your nursery theme.

Remember to take photos of your wall mural before you paint over it with a room revamp, or move house so that you can look back with fondness to the nursery that once was Baby's world.