Nursery decor is not just about decorating your nursery, it is about choosing nursery decor accessories that have a practical purpose and baby linen that is functional as well as beautiful.

Decorating a nursery can seem overwhelming, as there are so many beautiful nursery themes and colour schemes to choose from.

So before deciding on your linen and d├ęcor accessories for your baby's room,it's best to decide on your nursery theme.

Most themes can be adapted for either a boy or a girl, and are also available in neutral colour schemes.

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Can one ever be TOO careful?

Posted by Yvette Scholtz on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, In : Parents 

I received a very disturbing email this morning which seemed like it had been circulated
by several Mom's, on their personal experiences with strangers approaching their young
children while out shopping.
It would seem as though there is a trend where strangers approach either the young
children (who are right alongside Mom, mind you) and take their photo using a cell phone,
or they approach Mom and comment on how beautiful their kids are and then ask if they
can take the child's photo - again wit...

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The age of Cell phones

Posted by Yvette Scholtz on Thursday, February 11, 2010, In : Parents 

Last night my daughter again asked me, "Mommy, at what age can I get a cell phone?"
Now, my daughter is 6, and as far as I'm concerned I'd be happy for her to be cell-phone-less until she was at least 18! What with all the horror stories we read about in the tabloids about kids being stalked or harassed through social networks like MXit.
But the reality of it is that kids need to be able to get hold of thir parents in an emergency or crisis, and with public telephones on their way to extinction...

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The benefits of reading to your child

Posted by Yvette Scholtz on Tuesday, February 9, 2010, In : Parents 

I am an avid reader (and writer :-) ), and I have read to all my children from an early age. My eldest daughter (now 21) started reading sight words (cat, dog, cup etc) from the age of 4, and my eldest son (now 17) was reading articles in the newspaper form the age of 7. He now writes songs (not the kind that I would listen to - really heavy metal stuff), but he has a real talent for creative writing.

Gabby (my youngest) went on a library excursion with her class mates last Friday, and brough...
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