We guarantee our linen against defects such as fraying, frazzling and pulling apart, but we trust that you will care for your linen with as much love as we put into manufacturing, by following these care instructions...

We use only 100% pure cotton for our linen, and 200 thread count cotton percale.

Please take care when washing as too high a temperature can cause excessive shrinkage. 

We recommend that all our linen be washed at a temperature no higher than 40°C. You do not need to boil fine linen to achieve good results :-)

We reccomend using a moderate amount of fabric softner in your wash, as it keeps the fibres soft and smooth and makes ironing easier. 

Tumble Drying is NOT recommended as too high a temperature will cause shrinkage. 

For best results when ironing, iron your linen while still slightly damp, on a warm temperature. 

Remember to stretch and re-shape the linen from corner to corner before allowing to dry properly, as cotton is a natural fibre and it may pull out of shape


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